Board Gaming Nights

Join us for a free evening of board games, friendly chat and general merriment on the first Wednesday of the month.

Frequently asked questions

What is Pershore Gaming Group?
It’s a casual friendly board game meeting in Pershore centre.

When do you meet?
On the first Wednesday of each month.  

Can I be reminded of forthcoming events?
Yes.  Subscribe to our list of events on Facebook (look for the Subscribe button), or follow us on Twitter.

Is it free to attend?
Yes, but bring some money for drinks or food.

What time should I get there?
Games start from 7pm. Don’t worry if you need to arrive late, there’s a high enough turnover of games that you should soon be able to join in.

What time does it end?
We have no fixed end time. Some people stay for a couple of hours, others prefer to play on into the evening.

Do I need to bring games?
Not at all. There are always plenty on hand.

Can I bring games?

What games do you play?
The short answer is “whatever people bring along”. Have a look at our photos to get an idea.

Do I need to know the rules?
No. Don’t worry, most of us don’t know the rules to most of the games, but there’ll be someone on hand to patiently explain them.

Can I come on my own?
Sure! Lots of our attendees are new in town and come to meet people.

Can I find you on social media?
On Facebook or on Twitter.

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